Current Site Evaluation
Evaluate the design foundation, structure and content of your current website. We will provide you with a list of recommended changes and firm, fixed pricing to implement those modifications.

Competitor Site Analysis
As technology changes, many new and innovative ways continually emerge to deliver information and to make a website an effective means of communication. We will perform a competitor site analysis that will detail the internet technologies that are being used in your industry. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of your competitors' websites. This report will analyze the design, the content and the information gathering and delivery system. Also included in this report are the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors' websites over your own website. In addition, a segment of this report is devoted to identifying new technologies that could be applied to your website.

Search Engine
Perform a key word search analysis of your site and recommend changes to the website and to the title, description and meta tags contained within your site. We will also submit your website to the top search engines at a regular interval.

Market Research
The internet contains a wealth of information, but only if you know how to avail yourself of it and then be able to pull that information together in a meaningful way. We have the know how and the business experience that enables us to offer this product. Questions like, how can I expand my business, where should I expand my business, can be answered, in part, by searching the internet to identify compatible products for your business or identifying the competition in a particular geographical area. The information is there and we know how to find it and interpret it.

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